Monday, 20 December 2010


Napak Tilas : Menapaki Markas Pemuda Arek Soerabaja (Good News From Indonesia)

An introduction video about Balai Pemuda Surabaya, a historical building that became the witness of the independence of Indonesia. I was taking a part to fill in the voice-over.


Persembahan Untukmu, Guru Negeriku (Good News From Indonesia)

A video for national Teachers day. I contributed some parts for the poem. 


This video was made during my day-off with my best friend back in Malang, East Java, Indonesia back on November 2016 ago. This video was inspired by a Korean boyband, SEVENTEEN's CHECK-IN which depicting the colorful youth, amazing moments that will be sweetest if you share them with your friend. 

Until Then, My Friends!

A little documentation about four years friendship that is going to step into the "real-world". Although they're growing up, their youth was nestling in their hearts. 
Poem : 바람의 말 (The Word of The Wind) by Mah Jonggi
Inspired by BTS PUMA BOGSOCK ad teaser and tons of Korean music videos. 

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