Monday, 7 November 2016

Quick Update : Current Favourites #October

bye August, October still clinging to my skin!

Missing me? Hehehehe.
So, since I've been sooo busy here and there to contribute some writings and so on, and I basically can't come up with something to write here.... How about a mini-update from me? Well, this may seem useless and less educating or so on (but some of you may see this as a bit recommendation)  so here it is, my favourites last month (that probably still making its way to be my favourite this month) !

Current Obsession: 25cm dolls
Current favourite characters: Rilakkuma 
Drama of the month Cinderella and Four Knights - 신데렐라와 네 명의 기사

favourite blog: -
Instagram account : @ps.ny (seriously this account is suppper aesthetic and filled of cute poodles!)
online store: Delight Moon 

album: BTS "Wings
singer: DΞΔN trouble
songs of the month : Dean ft Anderson .Paak "Put My Hands on You
lullaby : SUGA BTS "First Love"
5 songs to recharge: 
1. JHope BTS "MAMA"
2. BTS "Cypher Pt. III : Killer"
3. BTS "Cypher Pt. IV"
4. BTS "21세기 소녀 "
5. SEVENTEEN "Check-In"
band: FT Island
rapper: Simon Dominic

book of the month: -
current reads: Haruki Murakami "South of The Border West of The Sun"
favourite bookish character : Atticus Finch (STILL!)

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