Saturday, 2 January 2010

Born some time in 1995, based in Surabaya. 
She's definitely not someone who borns with camera when she came out of the womb. From a stack of artsy photo albums along with some analog cameras on her grandfather's cupboard, she feels something whenever she holds a camera. During her high school age, with a super cheap pocket camera, she learned more about photography until she becomes the official photographer for her school journalist. 

Everything's changed since Aya started her Instagram account. She thought that she found how to make her alive again: photography. 

Later during her university days, she was fortunate enough to buy her first camera kit. Wanted to learn more about photography, Aya started to meet cool photographers and learned more from them. Until now, Aya is still considering herself as "learning". 

Aya is currently working on her degree in English Literature at Airlangga University, Surabaya, Indonesia. 

Combining her passion of writing, travel, and photography, Aya has been blogging since 2010. 

Aya named the blog Oh Stammered after her favourite duo, Oh Wonder. Furthermore, she wants everyone to feel stammered/mesmerized with the world that she found on her camera lens. 

If you have any questions/inquiries/just dropping love notes, don't be hesitate to e-mail her at: 

See more of my works and projects on my portfolio, Candy Cane by Ayakumii :)