Saturday, 2 January 2010

About Aya 
Aya Prita Belia or also known as internet-persona ayakumii
Born some time in 1995, grew up in bed-time stories, overflowing bookshelf, and her grandfather’s photography kits, Aya found that story-telling is her calling. Aya enjoys doing story-telling, either visual art and writings. 

Not only story-telling, she wants to give an active contribution for the society through her works. Her contributions that she gave to society was numerous articles, some short stories,  research papers, videos, and photos that tries to rebuild optimism and character to its readers. She also held a Bachelor’s degree focused in English Literature from Universitas Airlangga.

Her focus is mental well-being, education, culture (that includes pop culture), and women empowerment. 

About Oh Stammered

Combining her passion of writing, travel, and photography, Aya has been blogging since 2010. 

Aya named the blog Oh Stammered after her favourite duo, Oh Wonder. Furthermore, she wants everyone to feel stammered/mesmerized with the world that she immersed everyday. She made this blog as an open space for her raw honesty. 

If you have any questions/inquiries/just dropping love notes, don't be hesitate to e-mail her at: 

See more of my works and projects on my portfolio, Candy Cane by Ayakumii :)