Saturday, 22 August 2015

Travel | Malang #1

After looong too and fro-s,  I'm back to the blogger world!!!! Hello, be-you-tifuls!

So, after changing things in blog, I also changing my contents to encourage that the world outside is huge.. I mean, look at the map. It's so big, right? Then, why do you have to sit and stuck on your seat? (: This blog, my blog, will encourage you to do something new, to "live" more. Started from travelling journal, adventures, D.I.Y, how to be happy... and so on. Read more about content changes: here. On the other hand... I'm so sorry that I have to leave those silly posts about my teenager-year ): 

As fresh as strawberry that has been picked in the field, here it is, my first post after the re-launching : a travel diary! 

After eid-mubarak euphoria, I woke up earlier and hope on the van with my family to go to Malang. However.. This cat cannot hop on my suitcase too, so I have to say goodbye. 

Don't worry, it's only two days!

Then having a coffee in a vintage Starbucks (in a highway pit stop)
An adventure girl!

After looong long car-ride..
I had arrived in Malang to a gorgeous bali-like hotel at the veeery late-late night. Against the cold weather of Malang, I still wear shorts and super soft, thin fabric shirt ((: #adventurous

Rie's beautiful phone case

Four AM in the morning, I woke up to beautiful panorama in front of my hotel room : the sun is still hiding, trying to wake those trees. 

and my happy day in Malang will be posted next! 
See you soon!


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