Saturday, 22 August 2015

Travel | Malang #2

I woke up at 4 AM in the morning and greeted by amazing and wonderful panorama in front of my hotel room. It was soothing. It was giving my eyes to "breath" after seeing cars and traffics, horns in Surabaya. 

After having a deeelicious breakfast near the river, I walked near the river and... Oh god, another beautiful panorama again! 

Then I'm back to my room and wear my swimsuit beneath my lovely shirt - it's time to hit the swimming pool! Funny thing is, I don't remember that it was STILL EARLY plus Malang weather is a bit chilly - I'm a bit freezing! 

Feeling satisfied with swimming and freezing, I had a little walk (with no shoes) with my sister in the hotel. Like I said, my hotel had the best bali-like ever (but not with the weather :P).

I know that I have funny-looking feet but I don't care! My feet have took me to many amazing places and meet amazing people (: 

12 PM, I'm off to walking around the city (and of course, the heart of Malang) and I have to say good bye with my hippy and chillout hotel, Ubud Hotel.

city hall

the famous Tugu Malang

And then I jump back to the van..
My Malang journey has ended and I'm back to Surabaya. My time in Malang was perfect. Looking forward to come again!

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