Monday, 1 February 2016

Travel | Jogja #1: Jajaran Pantai Alami

Guess who's back?
Yup, it's me - Aya! (:

Well actually, I'm not going anywhere, just been hectic about uni stuff and KKN (kind of internship program and I have to live in village for almost a month). Since there was an opportunity to visit Jogja, and here it is - a Travel post about Jogja!!!!

First thing first, did you see #ayakumiiberedar in the "More Stammered" section (in the sidebar)? Okay, let me tell you: my travel section has a title. I mean, not merely "Travel" but it has own name (like in magazines, beauty section and so on). It is #ayakumiiberedar. Okay, why I chose #ayakumiiberedar instead of #ayatravelthing and why do I have to use hashtag (although it seems annoying)?
  1. I'm going to put all my travel posts under this hashtag not only in this blog, but also on my Instagram... which under alias ayakumii. I post Instagram pretty often than this blog anyway and putting down the hashtag is just... dull to me.
  2. "Beredar" in Bahasa means "revolves". Okay this sounds non sense like a girl being revolving, moving in circle..... In KBBI online, "Beredar" means "berjalan berkeliling (hingga sampai ke tempat permulaan); 2 berpindah-pindah dari tangan ke tangan atau dari tempat satu ke tempat lain; berputar". Furthermore, "Revolve", in Oxford Dictionaries online  means "move in a circle on a central axis; Move in a circular orbit around". Okay long story short, for me, Beredar means moving around in one place to another place (travelling), but always started from one point; which is my home sweet home - Surabaya and I always going to come back to Surabaya. Got it? okay, why do I feel like I'm currently writing on my thesis gah linguisticallynerd.
To conclude, you will see this hashtag on my travel posts a lot and I hope it's okay for you (:

Okay! Let's start the travel story (:

February 1st, 2016 around 10 AM with 9 other people from my KKN team, we went to this kind of "jajaran pantai Alami" near Parangtritis. Well, to be exact, it's still far away from Parangtritis. This, jajaran pantai alami consists of Pantai Drini, Baron, Kukup, Krakal, Sundak, et cetera. You need to pay 20k/person to enjoy these beaches. I don't really remember the first beach that came up but I just remembered this came up for the first time we entered:

I thought we were reached the beach already.
But the boys said that we have to go to Drini Beach and it was still far far away. The road was kind of... dangerous for someone with motion sickness though: uphill, downhill, uphill, downhill - the road was not really good though and I swear to god I don't want to catch motion sickness again until I end up in hospital and diagnosed vertigo again please please please 

Until dundundun, we reached Drini Beach!

Mesmerizing isn't it?
With an island in the middle of the beach... Ah...

And stupid me: I left the sandals in the house though ((: When I was going to buy one again, it was sold out... 
It only takes few minutes to collect sands in my beloved Converse, Tutu, though ahaha and I was wondering how much it costs to wash my shoes in a premium shoes laundry:D

treasure! lol ((:

Then, we decided to move to another beach which is still far away from Drini beach (almost near Gunung Kidul woop woop), Pantai Pok Tunggal. This beach was sooo far away until we have to pass not-asphalt-road and extreme uphill downhill andddd not really crowded. It was like down the cliff hahaha. But hey, once we got there - IT'S SUPER PRETTY! and braced yourself from my typical beach photos hahaha

Before we hit the beach, we visited the beach houses and bought some sunglasses and me - SANDALS SHOPPING (((:

Heroine of the day: new sandals! ((: 

 This cliff catches my eyes though. I'm curious about what is it looks like up there. Then, of course - we were climbing it! 

When the others got dizzy because of having too much sun :D, we're going back to the house and ready for the next adventures!

See you in the next post! (:  


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